JellyBeans and April

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday. I can't believe my Spring Break is JUST around the corner. Since I am a list maker extraordinaire, I have everyday filled with fun and not so fun activities. The not so fun activity would be to go through all my computer files and organize them. I am getting a little worried that my computer has gained A LOT of weight since I started selling on TpT. She needs to workout and then I will reward her with a new external hard-drive.

You are probably wondering what I am doing for fun? or not. Since my birthday is right around the corner (4/25) my mom and I are going to do a girl's day on Monday and look for a 30th birthday party dress. It will be a fun day of gabbing, eating, shopping, and spending time with my best friend. SCORE! Speaking of my mom, I let her pick out today's Ramona Recommends. I told her she could pick the book, as long as I owned the book in my library, and she could give me evidence to back up her choice. Do I sound Common Core or what?! Momma Ramona Recommends chose The Jellybeans and the Big Dance.
Are you ready to hear her evidence? "When I was pregnant with you, all I wanted to do was eat Jellybeans!" Mom, I love you!

Why does Ramona Recommends recommend this book? It is a great opener for learning about working together as a group. Sometimes you have to fail before you can try again. (Try!, by Pink-great song). Also wonderful for learning how to problem solve. I love the spring colors of the graphics and of course one of the characters is a PIG! :)

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Oh! I suggest you stop by my blog the week of April 21st; something HUGE is happening.

What is your favorite April book?

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