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Reason #4,554 that picture books are gold in an upper grade classroom. 

Recently, I introduced Narrative Elements and modeled each element using a picture book. 

Clovis Keeps His Cool is the PERFECT picture book to explicitly teach about character, setting and problem and solution. I mean a BULL in a CHINA SHOP! Can the creativity get any better ?!?

The quick deets of the lesson: Go over the definition of character, setting and problem/solution. Students write these definitions down in their journals. Then I share that I will be reading a picture book, and I want my students to be investigators for character, setting and problem/solution. After I read, we go back through the text looking for those elements. Students fill out their elements chart to refer back to once they start to become authors. 

Having students see INCREDIBLE writing allows for them to start thinking like writers. Its magic when I OPEN THE MAGIC! 

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