Picture book organization has always had my heart. What did not have my heart is at 10pm on Sunday night and I can't find my copy of "On Account of the Gum" to use when I introduce narrative writing elements to my 5th graders. Have you ever had that problem too? I am here to solve ALL of those problems with a simple picture book spreadsheet. 

The Ultimate Picture Book inventory is unlike any other resource available. This book inventory contains almost 3,000 books (and will continue to grow). You will forever have access to this database and the Ramona Recommends team will update the list every 3 months. 

What sets this inventory apart? There are seven ways to organize your book inventory in alphabetical order: picture book title, author, illustrator, subject, publisher, publisher data, and my personal favorite spine color. There are are also separate tabs at the bottom of the inventory for each of the 18 main subjects. This is perfect when you are trying to find a book for a specific lesson. #gamechanger

I also wanted to give you the chance to personalize this inventory. I created a "My Personal Library" column in which you can use the drop down menu to select "Own It" or "Need to Buy!". Another personalized column is the "My Rating" column. Here you can use the drop down menu to give books a 1-5 star rating.

My hope is that this inventory will help you discover new books to add to your library and find new books you love. I also hope that this inventory will allow you to go to bed earlier because you will just have to use the color spine locator and voila book found!

This inventory will continue to grow and I am always up for suggestions on how to improve it. Please remember this is my personal inventory and it might not have certain books you are looking for, but that is a great opportunity for you to grow your list to fit your needs. 

You can purchase the inventory in two places: My blog or Teachers Pay Teachers.

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