Confetti Moments-Episode 63: National Days with Picture Books

Bringing the FUN onto Confetti Moments this week as I share all about National Days and how I incorporate picture books. My students would say this is one of their favorite moments of the day. Where can you find all the FUN?

Episode 63: National Days with Picture Books

Blog Post: National Days with Picture Books

Instagram Post: National Days with Picture Books

Happy New Year! I am so excited for today's episode. I am sharing all you need to know about how to celebrate National Days with some really special picture books. This is one of my students' favorite times in my class. I love being able to find just the right book to pair with a National Day, especially the really unique ones. You will also Learn all about National Open the Magic Day that is celebrated each year on September 25! Enjoy this first episode of 2022! It's going to be an amazing "bookfull" year. 

For more information, explore these links (all Amazon links are affiliate links)

January National Days List
Open the Magic Day
National Days website
The Ultimate Kid Friendly List

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  1. just listened to your podcost on national days with books that go along with it! Do you have a book list that matches up with the national days kids list?! THank you! :)


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