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I am so excited to be a part this wonderful KINDNESS project with my bloggy friends from all over the United States. We have teamed up to show you how we display kindness in our classroom. Come take a look into my kindness classroom. ALSO, come over to my instagram to enter into our KINDNESS ACROSS THE COUNTRY Insta-Hop. You will have a chance of winning 4 Kindness Books and Ramona Recommends' Kindness Back To School product.

Kindness is one of my key values in my classroom. As I tell my students, Kindness never stops traveling. We can always be kind. Kind does not be to a big thing, it be a little something with a HUGE impact. Here is a sneak peek into my classroom of kindness. After writing my post, I went back through to read it, and I realized something. CLEARLY, I teach KINDNESS through books. See everything can be taught and demonstrated through books, especially for children.

At the beginning of the year I play the song, Power of One by Bombshel. It is a powerful song with a sound message of one person can changed the world.  We spend an entire 2 class hours on my beginning of the year kindness project. 

The books above are classroom musts! Each teach a lesson in kindness. POWERFUL stuff!
I have pledge that I will read Fish in a Tree to my class this year. Want to take the pledge? Click here

Share WONDER's 365 Days of Wonder with your students as well. It is a KINDNESS gem!
Did you know TOMORROW R.J. Palacio is coming out with Auggie and Me.

Then the students receive their own pledge card and place into their binder. We discuss what does kindness look like and how can we spread kindness in the classroom. 

I have a RAK center in my classroom. Students can fill out a RAK card anytime and I deliver them to the recipient each Friday. They may also write where they see a RAK at school or in the community. 

Interested, here is my updated 2015 RAK file

I also have these RAK Mini Sets Too! 

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  1. I use the 365 Days of Wonder book in class. I have a mini chalkboard when you walk into my room. I write the precept for the day on it each day so kids can see it when they walk in. Sometimes I use the precepts as part of my lesson. I change the precept almost every day. I love that book!

  2. This is wonderful! Not only does the world need more kindness but our classrooms too! "Fish in a Tree" is next up on my reading list! Can't wait!


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