"Not that again!" I heard one student say on a Tuesday morning. At first, I was insulted because I loved the Tuesday Precept we had been doing since September. It was one of my precious moments each week where I learned about my students. My students last year LOVED this time to learn about each other.

Let me backup and explain what 12:00pm on a Tuesday in room 20 meant.

Last year, I read WONDER to my class. #allthefeels A year or so later....RJ Palacio came out with 365 Days of Wonder a quote book that had, well you guessed it, 365 quotes centering around life and greatness.  Each week students would respond to a quote using paper and pencil. In their response it included 2 parts {what the quote meant} {how it related to them}. Want to see it? It might work for your kids. The thoughts and feelings that came from my 34 students was WONDROUS!

Lets fast forward to this year. The negativity (but respectful) that spilled from their mouths was a clear FLASHING RED LIGHT that screamed (quietly) problem. My magical idea did not work for this group. I had to find something that would peak their interest. I swallowed my pride and got thinking!

This group loves technology and they will do ANYTHING on the computer. That is why my Weekly Precept became DIGITAL. One Saturday night, I stand up until 2am searching for videos that would INSPIRE, TEACH, EXCITE, and AWE my students.

I created a Google Docs precept video and answer activity. The students watch a 2-4 minute video and then answer similar questions on a google doc. It is all stationed on Google Drive and then I upload the precept weekly into Google Classroom.

I am happy to report that my students are SO excited to come in on Tuesdays and do the weekly precept. I hear them talking to each other trying to guess what the video will be about during recess.

We are fortunate to have 1:1 chromebooks in our classroom. BUT! You can totally do this whole class. Have students do this activity in centers or have students watch whole class and then answer the questions verbally.


 I selected videos that will get my students to think but also send a message. It is our jobs as educators to teach our students about the real world.  Some of the topics include {grit, failure, age, strength, empathy, power, and working hard}.

Want to try it out in your classroom? Grab the PREVIEW to try one of the videos. You will need to click PREVIEW button inside TpT.
Love it? You can find the whole digital resource here


Go be digital! #itsthenewpaperandpencil

It is April! Which means three things: Tax Day, My Birthday month, and POETRY month. Poetry is a make or break with my most kids. Many students enjoy writing poetry, but they are unsure of the technical side. When I start saying words like theme, mood, stanzas--their little smiles fade away. Of course what do I do? I bring in my favorite POETRY picture books. We analyze FUN poetry before we have to start looking at well.....boring poetry. #hadtosayit! #sorry

Here is a list of all my favorite poetry books to use in the classroom. My affiliate links are provided because well I have a horrible (AWESOME) habit of buying books. THANK YOU!


Share with me how do you teach poetry in your classroom?

Happy Tuesday,

I am a firm believer that building relationships with your students is vital to a classroom climate. Kids deserve to have a connection with their teacher and classmates. I can promise you when students feel their teacher is invested they will work harder. Be the reason your student wants to come to school. I am going to let you in on a little secret, I come to school most days super excited to see my students because I have built a solid foundation. When I say "most days":I am being realistic. Yes, there are days where lounging in the sun with a great book, my iphone, and passion fruit ice tea are GOLDEN, people!

Guess what I wrote in my lesson plans to do next week when I get back from Spring Break. We have two months of school left and its time to reconnect and build more community. I have a pretty awesome class and they love each other, but SPRING has hit. Here is my action plan!

My favorite author R.J. Palacio just released her new PICTURE book {We're All Wonders}. OMG, I could not get through it without crying. I agree EVERY student is a WONDER. Sometimes the wonders are small, but they are there. It is a touching story about being different and letting your wonder shine.

On Monday, I will be reading {We're All Wonders} to my 33 5th graders to remind them they are WONDERS. They have many great qualities that they need reminded are there. 

Next, I plan to share my newest resource with my students. To help my students reconnect I created a WONDER nomination ballot where students can nominate kids in the class or school to share why they are a wonder.  Interested in YOU ARE A WONDER resource from TpT shop? Click here

Included in this resource is a bulletin board template entitled "You Are A Wonder". Once a student is nominated, I plan to take their picture while they hold "I am a Wonder" sign. They will receive the nomination form that was filled out in their honor. If you are a brag tag user, I have included my own version of a Wonder tag. Let there be MANY {Standing Ovations in your Classroom}.

Not familar with the WONDER series?
Check out the books here!
365 Days of Wonder paperback hardcover

*Amazon affiliate links were used in this post, thank you for supporting my picture book habit.

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