This is one of my new favorite books. Kids can relate to this book because it uses words from the technology age. I am sure if you read this story to your students they would understand all of the words. Dot shares her daily journey through sharing, searching, recharging, and rebooting. The author of this story is Randi Zuckerberg sister to the founder of Facebook. I love how our society brings on new meanings to old words, and new words to our old world. The pictures remind me of a spring day. I am ready for SPRING, are you?

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Are you feeling the burn of the spiral of the end of the year craziness.  As a teacher, you don't stop you just keep going because that passion we all have ignites each time we have a light bulb moment. #itsateacherthing.

I thought I would share with you my Top 10 ways that I enjoy life.

1. Read.  I go to Barnes and Noble and sit in their children's section and read. There is something about fresh new books that relaxes me. I usually come home with at least 2-5 new books and add them to my library. Have you seen my library?

2. Workout. I can't believe what it does to my soul after running a few miles. Oh it feels absolutely yummy!

3. Girls' Night. If it is a Monday night, I will shower and then head to girls night for some Bachelor and Trader Joe's Coconut Chocolate ice cream.

4. Organize. Everything has a place and everything needs to be color coded. The end.

5. Pray. I am thankful that God is in my life. He has delivered such a gracious path for me even when I think "Hello, God it's me Courtney, are you listening!?. God and I chat a lot. We are homies.

6. Create. My coworkers are always asking me how I have time to blog, create posters, cute lessons, products or anything in between. When I need a stress reliever, I craft. Creating a poster with backgrounds and fonts... OH THAT IS A GOOD TIME!

7. Family. Spending quality time with my family is special. Hanging out with my niece and nephew during the summer is the best. Calling my mom and going over to their house to just to chat is one of my favorite weekly rituals. 

8. Shop. There is no stress that Nordstrom or Loft can't fix. The end.

9. Scroll. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blogs.... you get the idea.

10. Watch. When I do watch TV, you can find me enjoying Nashville, Greys, Bachelor/ette, and anything on HGTV.

I am so excited to team up with Scholastic to share some pretty bookful news that involves YOU!  Scholastic Magazines wants teachers to take this summer to relax and enjoy these blissful months off. Are you ready for the even better news? Scholastic is giving three TEACHERS a chance to win some money!!! One teacher will win a $1,000 VISA gift card! #yesplease

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It is pretty simple and really fun.


1. Share a photo or video with your Scholastic Magazine on vacation. Don't forget to use the #ScholasticMagVacay.
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3. The contest starts June 1st and ends August 31st.

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I love Scholastic Magazine. Want to see how I use it in my classroom to help students annotate text? Click here! While this is a sponsored post all of the thoughts about Scholastic are my own feelings. SCHOLASTIC pretty much knocks the book covers off my books! #picturebooksaremyjam

Father's Day is June 18th-this coming Saturday. Below are my favorite FATHER'S Day reads. For easy access I have linked all the books to Amazon! 
 All of these books are perfect for kids to read with their daddies. My favorite two are {daddies do it different} and {how to surprise a dad}. 

Check out this cute pic collage idea I bloomed this summer. I have been watching Jen Jones of Hello Literacy use pic collage for her reading instruction for years. Then, I have become Kami Butterfield of Teaching with APPitude biggest fan because of her online Pic Collage courses. #heradorbsglasses Seriously have learned so much for these two. #teachershelpingteachers

I choose my favorite dad from one of the above picture book selections. Cropped  (clip) the dad from the story and then added characteristics about my dad in the picture. This is in mid creation, I still need to add more qualities that describe my dad.

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