I love when authors reach out on instagram or email to share their newest prized book. It makes me feel well... kinda awesome. Sharing the same passion along side mine is like eating a whole jar of guacamole with scoop chips - nothing better.

Lisa Winkler, author of Amanda at Bat, wrote this picture book to help young people develop strategies to problem solve.

Meet Amanda who loves playing softball, but is too short, has end of the alphabet last name, and is born in December. Amanda at Bat came out at the perfect time of the buzz word GRIT. I think as a society we give up too easily. If something is hard we quit. Amanda At Bat helps kids see with perseverance anything is possible.

I highly recommend getting this book as a part of your #picturebookaday series. I plan to read this the first week of school. Get those kids to think outside of the box. This year in 5th grade, I am going to focus on student centered problem solving. Wish me luck. While you are wishing, go put AAB in your amazon cart. You can thank me later when you have problem solving superstars in your classroom.


What books do you use to help students with problem solving?

You know that special stack of books behind your desk that the kids are not allowed to touch or you might go a little cra cra. Yep, we all have that stack. Well I might have that huge stack nicely organized in my home office. I bring my books to read to the kids, but then they go straight home and put back in their place. #truth- They go in a pile on my office floor until the next day off and then I file them.

This week I did a meet and greet on my instagram page to reintroduce myself to new followers. #summerpd 
I was so grateful learn that many 5th grader teachers following me on my instagram (ramonarecommends)
because I truly feel that picture books are essential in upper grade classrooms. 

This year I plan to read even more picture books because:
1. They invite students into a positive learning environment
2. They teach hard to explain skills #directobject
3. They show students how to bring words alive on a page
4. They are awesome
5. Kids love being read to
6. Miss H loves them 

Below are my TOP BOOKSHELF favorites. They teach a variety of lessons. I will be honest I use picture books mostly in
Character Edition, Language Arts and Reading 

Now even though I have selected these books for 5th grade ANY upper grade teacher could you them. #promise 

The Incredible Book Eating Boy is one of my new favorites because of the message each page shares. This book cheers students who love to dive into books and encourage reluctant readers. I plan to read this book on the first day to promote #picturebookaday

What is the number one concept we learned in student teaching? RELATE to your students. Well heck if these two books do not relate well then I don't know what will. Selfies are all the rage and students speak in .com 
Sometimes my picture books have no real lesson but more of a fun treat. #thereisalwayslessonineverybook

When I first saw Lifetime I didn't love it, but then I opened it and started reading. Oh my! 5th grade teachers it is a GOOD one. It gives fun facts about different animals. Did you know a seahorse has 1,000 babies. Yes you read that correctly: ONE THOUSAND BABIES. 

Oh! Ya'll I CAN NOT wait to teach all about voting and election for this coming November. I am a very proud American and I find the whole election process intriguing. I plan to do a whole unit on presidents and the voting process. #willneedtofindtime
Stay tuned for a election picture book ideas. Coming to an instagram post near your iphone.
Amelia Bedila's First Vote explains the voting process in student friendly words. Enough said, right.

Here are some fun titles other fellow 5th grade teacher said I should share with you:
Both books are by Patricia Polacco so you know the kids will be learning tons! 

What are your go to picture books?

*I love all of these books and if you decide to purchase them through the links above I received a little something in return. Thank you!
Hi Reading Friends,

I am super excited to be back with you! Last school year, was AMAZING but was a whirlwind of combo crazy! For the next few weeks, I will be sharing what books I plan to use as part of my #picturebookaday

I am not sure if every upper grade is on my boat for picture books in the classroom, but I share hope one day you will join the party. Picture books are such a great resource to engage students and to teach life lessons. The first few weeks of school I like digging into my character education stack to teach and revisit important behaviors of a responsible 5th grader. The following books teach a different lesson that is vital for students to learn how to build relationships with their teacher and peers.

How I invision #picturebookaday working in my classroom....
 Honestly, it really depends on the day. If you have followed me in the past you know I always try to find different ways to bring in picture books during my content lessons.

One of my favorite rules Mr. Ron Clark shared during my time at RCA was the 3 second rule. If he gave a student something (anything) and the child did not say THANK YOU within 3 seconds he would retrieve the something back no questions asked. I think it is so important for students or humans for that matter to always show appreciation for whatever they receive. This book Please, Mr. Panda shares the power of the word PLEASE in the world of #iwantwhatiwant.

 The Secret Olivia Told Me shares a life lesson about secret telling. I intertwine this story into my rule lessons over the first couple days of school. We talk about the pros and cons of secret telling. Even in 5th grade, the kids need a good reminder of the power of secret. We know how kids can sometimes take a secret which turns into a lie...then a rumor. annnd then well sriracha sauce craziness!

Can I tell you? This book is one of my absolute FAVORITES.  Nerdy Birdy is my GO TO for the beginning of the year. This gem teaches students the power of acceptance and how to be a birdy in your own flock. I plan to read this story and then have each student write down an acceptance goal for the year. This goal can be a self or school goal.
I love the word kindness like A LOT. Teaching students the importance of kindness is key the first week of school. Holding the title of new kid more than once growing up, I understand what it feels like to move into new situations and dreading the awkward feeling of being the new kid. The Potato Chip Champ helps students discovery why kindness counts and why its important to always be kind. Here is how I teach kindness in my classroom. (contest over)

What books do you use to teach character education? I am always looking for great books! #youcanneverhaveenoughbooks
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