You are in for a treat this week as I introduce you to the remarkable Giles Andreae, author of the ever-popular Giraffes Can’t Dance and many more titles. Giles lives in the UK, and we had to get creative to coordinate our schedules in order to find an ideal time to chat in spite of the time zone differences. Giles is not only a picture book author but also an illustrator and cartoonist and songwriter. Giles shares his journey to becoming a picture book author, some of his upcoming projects and why picture books are such a gift to people of all ages. You need to listen to find out what his next book is called and his thoughts on the impact that Social and Emotional Learning books have on people today. You can connect with Giles @giles_andreae on Instagram. Click here to listen to this week's episode. 

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Giraffes Can’t Dance
Free to Be Elephant Me
Be Brave, Little Penguin
Brave Dave
The Pig of Happiness

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On this week's episode, I am so pleased to introduce you to Beth Anderson who is a 20+ year veteran ESL teacher turned biography and historical fiction picture book writer. Beth shares her process when researching for her amazing biographies. She says she is on a treasure hunt for details to make her books accurate and engaging. Her biographies are unique because she has found such interesting historical figures as her focus. This is an inspiring conversation that I am sure you are going to love. You can connect with Beth on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @bandersonwriter and through her website 

This week you get to hear the genius behind The Pumphrey Brothers book-making process. Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey are authors of the books The Old Truck and The Old Boat and the upcoming Somewhere in the Bayou. You will enjoy hearing the brothers recall their journey to becoming collaborative picture books authors/illustrators. They also talk about the connection between their reading lives as children and their current professional work. You can connect with them through their individual Instagram accounts (linked in their names above) or their shared website: You will be happy to know that they do both virtual and in-person school visits. It was a joy to get to know these men, and I hope you enjoy our chat, too. Click here to listen to this episode.

Below are Amazon affiliate links to the books mentioned in this episode. 

I cannot tell you what an honor it was to do this week’s episode. I am proud to introduce you to Andrea Wang, who is the 2022 Newbery Honor Book Award recipient and the Asian-Pacific American Award for Literature recipient for the book Watercress (this book also won the Caldecott medal). She shares the story behind this semi-autobiographical book that has received such acclaim. You will learn more details about the story and its impact on the literary world and those who have read it. A special moment is when she recounts the day that she learned about winning the Newbery Honor. Andrea also shares such wisdom about her life as an author which was a second career for her. Her wish is that listeners or readers who might have felt “othered” will find hope and connection to her story. Her love of reading and picture books is contagious— this is a special episode. I hope you enjoy getting to know Andrea better.

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Below you will find the Amazon affiliate links for the books mentioned in this episode. Just click the title to purchase.


Luli and the Language of Tea 

The Sweetest Scoop 


Ways to connect with Andrea: (website)

@andreaywang (Twitter)

@andreawhywang (Instagram) (for author visits)

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Click here for the last episode in my Book Love series. I am happy to introduce you to Melissa Perisco. She is a Pre-K through 5th grade Library Media Specialist who you can find at In Our Library on Instagram. We talk about her journey to becoming a librarian and her favorite books that give her a Confetti Moment. She shares about the personal impact of picture books that focus on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Melissa models vulnerability that will inspire you. This is a very moving episode that will speak to your heart and make you want to grab your favorite picture book for comfort. Thank you for listening to this very special episode.
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High 5 Habit:Take Control of your Life with One Simple Habit
Ann Martin-author page
Josh Funk-author page
Jory John-author page
Bob Shea-author page

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