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Happy Tuesday! As I scroll through instagram, read facebook updates, and browse blogs, I notice one common theme. TESTING is upon us! Our testing isn't until May, but many schools are in full force preparing and preparing some more. As a kid, I remember taking these tests and always being the last one done. I don't remember if the teachers did anything special to help us get excited. I just remember the tests were NO fun. My first year of teaching which was not long ago, my principal and administrators put on one FABULOUS show to pump up the kids for AIMS. I was blown away. It was definitely a moment to remember. Testing is a stinky thing we must do. I am all in favor of helping children understand the importance of the testing. BUT! I am also a huge supporter in creating encouraging messages, creating games, and reminding them to breathe in order to help ease the nerves.

To celebrate the state testing calendar, I want to recommend:
The cute story pokes fun at all the prep teachers and students must endure during the testing window. It also celebrates all the hard work students do in order to SHOW WHAT THEY KNOW. I will be reading this before all the testing craziness begins. I'm off to show what I know about creating a lesson on subtracting integers :).

Tomorrow is Ramona Recommends' ebook club kick off. Wanna join? Email me at {}.

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  1. I totally agree! My class has gotten such a kick out of writing songs to motivate one of our upper grade classes! I have not heard of that book, but will definitely have to check it out as our "big" test is soon upon us!



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