Ramona Recommends' April Book Club

Hello and welcome! I am so glad you are here for Ramona Recommends' FIRST ebook club. I have to give my dad credit for the (ebook club) line. Dad! There is your first online shout-out. If we haven't officially met (online), I'm Courtney, creator of Ramona Recommends. Nice to meet you. Click here if you want to learn how I started this blog.
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April's book club will run from today, Wednesday, April 2nd until Wednesday, May 7th.

For this month's discussion let's focus on the following:
1. Introduce yourself to the group: Share your name, blog/instagram name, what grade you teach, and a little bit about yourself.  *Remember, you do not need a blog to be a part of this discussion. You can just leave a comment below this post. :)

2. How might you use this novel in your classroom?

3. Please respond back to 2-3 new book club friends throughout the month. 

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  1. Woo hoo! I am very excited to be part of this book club. My name is Martha and I have been teaching for almost 20 years. I started blogging with my teacher friend this past summer and have really enjoyed the experience. I am participating in A to Z Blogging Challenge and will have my post for The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate on Friday (that's the day for E). I welcome you to visit our blog. Thank you Courtney for such a fun adventure.

    2 Smart Wenches

  2. So exciting! I just received my book from Amazon yesterday so I am anxious to get started. I'm looking forward to sharing and discussing with everyone! ~Nicole :-)

  3. I am loving this book! Thank you for such a great recommendation!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  4. Hey everyone! My name is Susan and I teach 4th grade. This is my fourth year teaching and I am currently in grad school at Appalachian State! I am very excited about this book club. I have been trying to become more like the book whisperer all year. So far this book is very cute! I think this would be a good book for a Read Aloud or for book clubs. I typically don't do a whole class novel unit so I probably wouldn't use it for that. Can't wait to get to know you ladies better!

    Adventures in 4th Grade
    Instagram username: smgibson15

  5. I have to say this was a great book. Yet, as a first grade teacher, I am unable to use it in my classroom. I feel like this would be the perfect upper elementary read, especially in a PYP school. Calpurnia's curiosity is the perfect example of inquiry. Thanks for a great read, Courtney.

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  6. Hi! I'm Courtney from Ramona Recommends. This book was amazing! I will be purchasing several copies for my classroom library one day (hopefully, next year). Great for girls- to show strong characterization!

  7. Hi, I'm Heather and I teach fourth grade in Georgia. I've been teaching almost 20 years all in the intermediate grades.

    I forgot until I saw the new book club title that I never came back and comment on this one. I read the book over spring great and I thought it was a great historical fiction title that had a strong female main character and touched on a variety of science topics. I recommended it to a couple girls in class but nobody took me up on it this time.


  8. I loved this book! Thank you so much for the recommendation. Just ordered the book for May. Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!

    A Teaspoon of Teaching


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