Let Your Light SHINE! {a book about being different}

My goal as a teacher is to make my students feel wonderful! I love making people feel wonderful about themselves. I love when students dance to their own beat and dress the way that makes them feel confident. We live in a society that promotes perfection. I posted a question on instagram last week, "Why as a society why do we care so much to be perfect?" I received some great answers.I will be honest, I do struggle with wanting to be societies perfect, but then I think, "Who defines perfection?".  I want my students to know that perfection is not perfect. We can be perfect without having perfection. How can we do perfect, by being ourselves. We all have our own perfect. My perfect is being me and doing what I love. 

Today's book is perfect to celebrate being different. I was introduced to this book by my friend Sara during our masters program. It is written by Dr. Seuss and a few of his friends. Get ready to travel to Dinkerville and attend Differndoofer School. This story is odd, silly, magical, sad, loud, and a perfect example that being different can be perfection. Hopefully you will go order a copy of Hooray for Diffendoofer Day! and celebrate "uniqueness" in your classroom. I believe students need to hear more from teachers and parents that being different is actually being perfect.


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