Confetti Moments Podcast Episode 81: Lisa Robinson

I am so excited about this week's episode. I am happy to introduce you to Lisa Robinson the author of The Sweetest Scoop which is the biography of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. She shares about her amazing upbringing with parents who were in the Peace Corp. You will be fascinated to learn all the places she has lived. She is currently a practicing child psychiatrist, mom and author. She has a beautiful take on the importance of picture books and their impact on social-emotional learning. Lisa shares the story behind The Sweetest Scoop: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Revolution in addition to all of her family's favorite ice cream flavors. You will learn about the other books she has written as well as what books she has coming in the near future. You will see that she loves to learn about strong women in history. Lastly, you have to find out the very unique hobby that Lisa and her daughter's share. I did not expect it! Click here to enjoy this yummy episode!

Ways to connect with Lisa: Instagram, Twitter, or her website

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