Confetti Moments Episode 76: Benson Shum

This week I got to speak with Benson Shum who works for Disney Animation on some movies you have definitely heard of. That is his day job, at night he spends time writing and illustrating picture books. We talk about his journey to becoming a picture book author and how he gets the ideas for his books. Benson has a unique outlook on how stories should be told. He also talks about living up to others’ expectations and being okay with the choices that you make and how your family influences who you are. Benson gives us a sneak peak of what he is currently working on. It was a gift to chat with such a naturally creative person. I hope you enjoy our conversation. Click

to listen to this week's episode. 

Below you will find the Amazon affiliate links for the books mentioned in this episode. Just click to purchase.

Ways to connect with Benson: @bshum79 (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok) and

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