Confetti Moments Podcast Ep. 67: More than 22 Tips for 2022!

This week I am excited to share 22 tips for how to create a reader in your home or class in 2022! The tips are both practical and creative. I know, firsthand, the impact that picture books can have in a person’s life. I want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to gain a love of learning through the Confetti Moments that happen when you read a picture book!. You will also get a sprinkling of new books coming out in 2022 that I am really looking forward to reading! This is a jam-packed episode.
The following are the list of books from this episode. Click the links to shop my Amazon lists using my affiliate links.
Blips on a Screen -April 2022
Tilda Tries Again - March 2022
The River -March 2022
Nervous Nigel -June 2022
Ice Cream Face - June 2022
Brave Every Day - June 2022
Thursday -June 2022
•Wordless Picture Books Podcast Episode

•March Madness Podcast Episode (Product can be purchased in my Shop above)

•National Days (Podcast Episode and Blog Post)

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