Confetti Moments Episode 70: Rosie D'Urso

Confetti Moments

Episode 70: Rosie D'Urso from Library Mom Books

Welcome back to another episode in our Book Love series. This week you have the treat of meeting Rosie D'Urso of Library Mom Books. She is a former collegiate lacrosse player turned librarian. Rosie is the ultimate Book Enthusiast. We have an amazing conversation about the power of teachers, the hope that books provide and how a confetti moment can change a kid’s life. Rosie also shares some of her librarian expertise with regards to family library visits and all the amazing things that libraries provide to communities. You will also learn some of her favorite books and authors and her favorite flavor of ice cream. You can find all her amazing resources on her website Click here to enjoy this inspiring episode!
Below you will find the Amazon affiliate links for the books and authors mentioned in this episode. 

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