Confetti Moments Episode 69: Book Love with Eliana Bishop of Kid Lit is Magic

Today, we continue with the Book Love series. I am happy to introduce you to Eliana Bishop of the Bookstagram: Kid Lit is Magic. She is in the corporate world but loves picture books as much as I do. You will learn about how becoming a mom grew her true love of reading, and she found that picture books helped her to connect with her son and others in the Instagram world. We talked a lot about the value of having books that reflect your community and culture. She shares what books have really given her a sense of belonging and have allowed her to share some of her heritage and culture with your son. I know that you will enjoy getting to know Eliana. 
The following books are mentioned in today's episode. Please use the Amazon affiliate link to buy books. 

Open The Magic,
Courtney Hinshaw
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