Episode 64: SEL Books Focusing on Anxiety and Worry

This episode is dear to my heart. I simply love sharing about how to use Social and Emotional Learning picture books to help people. This topic of books has been so helpful to me on my mental health journey. In today's episode, I am very honest about my social and emotional growth and what books you might use to help a child or friend or yourself, as well. Click here to listen to this episode and please share with others who might benefit from its message. 
Below are the books that I discussed during this episode. Like I mentioned, they are my Amazon affiliate links that help me be able to buy and review more books. Thanks for your support. 
My Monster and Me                                                 

Ruby Finds a Worry               
The "Don't Worry" Book                           
What If?                                                                  

The Night Before the Dentist                                   

•My Amazon List for Social and Emotional Learning

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