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I am a firm believer that building relationships with your students is vital to a classroom climate. Kids deserve to have a connection with their teacher and classmates. I can promise you when students feel their teacher is invested they will work harder. Be the reason your student wants to come to school. I am going to let you in on a little secret, I come to school most days super excited to see my students because I have built a solid foundation. When I say "most days":I am being realistic. Yes, there are days where lounging in the sun with a great book, my iphone, and passion fruit ice tea are GOLDEN, people!

Guess what I wrote in my lesson plans to do next week when I get back from Spring Break. We have two months of school left and its time to reconnect and build more community. I have a pretty awesome class and they love each other, but SPRING has hit. Here is my action plan!

My favorite author R.J. Palacio just released her new PICTURE book {We're All Wonders}. OMG, I could not get through it without crying. I agree EVERY student is a WONDER. Sometimes the wonders are small, but they are there. It is a touching story about being different and letting your wonder shine.

On Monday, I will be reading {We're All Wonders} to my 33 5th graders to remind them they are WONDERS. They have many great qualities that they need reminded are there. 

Next, I plan to share my newest resource with my students. To help my students reconnect I created a WONDER nomination ballot where students can nominate kids in the class or school to share why they are a wonder.  Interested in YOU ARE A WONDER resource from TpT shop? Click here

Included in this resource is a bulletin board template entitled "You Are A Wonder". Once a student is nominated, I plan to take their picture while they hold "I am a Wonder" sign. They will receive the nomination form that was filled out in their honor. If you are a brag tag user, I have included my own version of a Wonder tag. Let there be MANY {Standing Ovations in your Classroom}.

Not familar with the WONDER series?
Check out the books here!
365 Days of Wonder paperback hardcover

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  1. I didn't know there was a new book! I know your kids will love it, everyone loves this series. I love your idea for nominations, everyone NEEDS to know they are special.

    Reading with Mrs. D


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