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I hope you find this post while you are sipping hot chocolate as you bask in the glory of no school today! As many of you know Scholastic is one of my favorite companies because of their mission to spread the joy of reading. A few months ago, I was contacted by Scholastic to share how I use their Storyworks magazine in my 5th grade classroom. Without hesitation I wrote back, "Yes, please!". My students love this magazine because there are many different genres and topics covered in one magazine. Now I check off,"In partnership with Scholastic" off of my bucket list. :)

If you are not familiar with Scholastic Storyworks, each issue features narrative, information nonfiction, drama, paired texts, fiction, and many other common core genres. All of the articles are engaging texts to support our common goal of deeper level thinking. If you have the subscription, there is also an online component with videos and activities to engage your students. Storyworks is geared towards grades 4-6th. My fifth graders thought it was the perfect mesh of all genres. I had a student tell me, "It's like pizza there is a slice for every person".

Below I would like to share with you a #smartteachingtip on how to get your students to love ANNOTATING text using Storyworks. 

Before starting my READ like a Pirate lesson, I found a great activity on Teachers Pay Teachers by  Sally Buttons where students created their own pirate name. 
Remember it is all about how you set the scene! Get your students EXCITED about learning! 
My Pirate name is: Hook Blonde Boot

In 5th grade, many students have not mastered digging deep to gain knowledge as they read their Science or Social Studies textbooks. I have taught my students how to annotate fiction stories during RTI (reading instruction), which they have have become experts, but when I  told them to annotate their Social Studies books many blank stares filled my classroom. This got me thinking! 
I want them here, but before I can do this......

I had to create a mini unit on annotating Non Fiction text using a non-fiction based source. What perfect timing for Scholastic Storyworks articles. 

 Find the fun in reading non fiction text is important! I pride myself on the ability to make "boring" lessons FUN! My students and I embarked one afternoon on a pirate journey to find treasure! 

There are three parts to reading BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER! Today, I will be focusing on the during. In Room 20, we learned how to golden annotate using our pirate treasures (thinking marks). Before we dove in, we discussed what annotate and mega-cognition meant by inferring through pictures. 

My students had already been introduced to my Talking with The Text thinking marks, but I reworked them to give them a little PIRATE flair. 

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 We read The Search for Pirate Gold from StoryWorks Scholastic Magazine and annotated our thoughts through the entire article. The kids were pirates looking for treasure aka Talking with the Text thinking marks. 

When the students were finished annotating their text, they were able to read other articles and discuss with different partners about their favorite part or about something they learned. Storyworks brings a wide variety of engaging reading topics to reach all different interests. My favorite article from this edition was....

Some Pirate Treasures from my Readers:
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How do you engage your readers to find reading treasures?

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