Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Tonight is a raw post. I am literally writing my thoughts and checking my grammar and clicking PUBLISH!  #reallife
I find it interesting that many teachers including myself struggle with perfection. We want to have a pinterest classroom, a perfect lesson, no problems, high achieving students, and no bad days. BUT! That is not reality. As I was driving home tonight after putting in almost a 12 hour school day, I was thinking about my dad and my students. I love my students. I truly love each one of them. Teaching is my passion. It is who I am. It is what makes me feel like a superhero. Sometimes even though I love my job I do not feel like a superhero. Some days or even weeks are HARD! As I was having an inter dialogue with myself about my day, the song "I'm only one Call Away" came on.

Teachers are SUPERHEROES. We are! Superman doesn't have anything on us. But! We need each other to help. We need the kids to help and the parents. We are not in this alone. Guess what, it is ok to have a bad day and ask for help.

Shelly Becker and I want you to know EVEN SUPERHEROES Have Bad Days! I found this book at Barnes and Nobel this weekend. It was screaming my name. It reminded me that sometimes you just need to have a bad day, eat ice cream, not finishing grading, sit on the couch, and then go to bed. IT IS OK! You're OKAY!

You might be wondering what I am trying to get at? Let me tell you. Kids are human just like us. They have bad days too. How can we help support them to know they are not alone? Well, as you might have predicted I think picture books can solve most problems. Even Superheros Have Bad Days delicately teaches kids and adults how to hand "bad days". The story shares when superheroes have bad days they could.... "use super-powers to crush wooden crates and bend metal gates" or "use laser eyes to ignite forest fires", BUT instead they use their powers to chase wanted bad guys with super-charged zings or taking them to jail. I like how the book acknowledges bad choices and demonstrates how to channel frustration, bad days, and more. The superheros find sunshine in their cloud.

Lets be each other's superhero because Even SUPERHEROES HAVE BAD DAYS. It's ok to be sad, overwhelmed, or mad. Howyou handle the situation determines your grit level. How high is GRIT meter? We all can be perfect in our own superhero way. (affiliate link was used)


  1. Thank you for posting this!! I've been struggling a lot lately. I have moved schools and miss my old school and friends terribly. Not only did I move schools but also grade levels and even though I know I'm a great teacher, I've been struggling with feeling inadequate. I'm way too hard on myself and I've been trying to stay positive. Sometimes when I only see the "highlight pics" of others on Instagram, I think no one else struggles with feelings of self doubt or discipline problems. This post confirmed I'm not alone- thank you!!!


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