Amanda At Bat {a review}

I love when authors reach out on instagram or email to share their newest prized book. It makes me feel well... kinda awesome. Sharing the same passion along side mine is like eating a whole jar of guacamole with scoop chips - nothing better.

Lisa Winkler, author of Amanda at Bat, wrote this picture book to help young people develop strategies to problem solve.

Meet Amanda who loves playing softball, but is too short, has end of the alphabet last name, and is born in December. Amanda at Bat came out at the perfect time of the buzz word GRIT. I think as a society we give up too easily. If something is hard we quit. Amanda At Bat helps kids see with perseverance anything is possible.

I highly recommend getting this book as a part of your #picturebookaday series. I plan to read this the first week of school. Get those kids to think outside of the box. This year in 5th grade, I am going to focus on student centered problem solving. Wish me luck. While you are wishing, go put AAB in your amazon cart. You can thank me later when you have problem solving superstars in your classroom.

What books do you use to help students with problem solving?

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