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You know when you read a book where you can feel the love on a page through every word?

 It is funny how it all started. I was browsing facebook one morning before work. I saw a post from a gal I went to high school sharing about her friend, a children's book author, Krista. Of course, I read further and saw Krista Boan had just published her first children's book. I knew she had to be a gem because Mandy who had gone to high school with is as sweet as a chocolate chip cookie. I reached out and shared my Ramona Recommends story. We instantly hit it off.  Today I want to share with you what I call a story from the heart. 

When I read this story, I could relate wholehearted because I feel the same way about people, my broncos, and about my profession as a teacher. This story is about a little boy who believes!  His team The Kansas Royals show GRIT and win the championship. The paintings inside this gem are breathtaking and make you want to NEVER NEVER NEVER Give Up. It makes you want to see your students that moment to share in the glory of a job well done. 

From the words of Krista Boan, "On November 3, 2015, a crowd 800,000 Royals Fans peacefully gathered in the heart of Kansas city to welcome home their world champions. Grab your Crown, head Downtown, and experience this inspiration celebration through the yes of a little one believes."


Interested in your own copy? I have ONE to give away. Leave a comment about your favorite picture book to teach informational writing! Winner will be selected Tuesday, February 9th.


  1. What a good recommendation! I just moved to Kansas City this passed summer and I've fallen in love with this place. I couldn't make it downtown for the celebration but my husband was one of the 800,000!

    We moved here from Florida. My favorite picture book to teach informational writing is Hurricane Wolf by Diane Paterson. Great book with beautiful art to read during the hurricane season.

    Gabriela Fewless
    Teaching at the River :)

  2. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I will most definitely check it out. I am not familiar with the story but I am not a big sports fan nor a big news watcher...LOL...but I am positive there are boys in my classroom who would know what this story is all about and love to read it.

    When it comes to teaching informational writing, my favorite picture book is Henry's Freedom Box by Ellen Levine. I love to use this book when we are talking about slavery and the underground railroad. It is such an amazing story.

    And, though I am not in the 1,000's YET...I am close! I am a picture book collector as well. If I could, I would own a house and fill it with picture books!!! They are my passion!!!!

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    2. Email me! You won!

  3. I have several books by Jean Craighead George, but one of my favorites is Everglades. I teach 4th grade in Florida, and this book is amazing for Florida's famous park. . Our students research National Parks at the beginning of the year, and I used the Everglades as my model lesson.


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