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Share Christmas book ideas... I didn't even have to think twice about this blog post. Of course I will share my love books and even better CHRISTMAS BOOKS.

Click on the list to download my favorite holiday books. The dates were from last year, but the books are still golden. 

The following receive the Ramona Recommends Holiday Award for this year.

 How to Catch Santa by Jean Reagan is a heart warming story about two little kids and their mission to get Santa Claus. In the upper grade world, I use this book to start my informative writing unit. We talk about the descriptive detail the author uses and what elements draw the reader in to know exactly how to catch Santa. I specially love the illustrations in this book too! (Amazon Link Used)
 Oh The Carpenter's Gift gives me chills every time I sit down and read this dear story. I love reading this story to the kids. They are asked to use their Snow Shovel to dig for multiple perspectives from the different character's points of view. I also like this story because it is historical, but paints a vivid picture of gratitude. Kids these days need demonstrate more gratitude. This book teaches children have to find beauty in nothing and everything.
I read this book as a Read Aloud!

Focused on Fifth

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  1. I've never seen The Carpenter's Gift before - it looks wonderful! Thanks for the list of great texts! :)


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