{Week 3} BTS in a FLASH! Decor & More

I love classroom decor! My classroom is pretty much my second home! I love decorating it the way I want! COLOR COLOR and more COLOR! Come take a peek!
I use a 100 points system in my classroom. When the students are on task they will get a point. When the students get a compliment from another staff member they get 2 points. When the kids reach 100, they get to vote on a 100 point party. Last year, we did a S'mores camp out, game day, and movies.
Want a tour of my room from last year? Go hang out with Mary from Teaching with a Mountain View to get an up close look inside Room 20.
I love my Michaels $2 frames. They are great for quotes or labeling centers.
My best friend made my bunting and jars. Aren't they adorbs!

Gotta have fun bright schedule cards! I have the teacher assistant change them out each day. It works like magic! Interested? They are in my store and they are editable.

Here are HOT OFF THE PRESS PICTURES. I went into my classroom this weekend and here is what I have done so far....

MEET {Together, We are Better} table. This is the table where I hold small groups of kids who might need reteach or more guidance.
I want my kids to feel powerful and not embarrassed. So that is why I call it the, {TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER} table.
 I have an obsession right now with pencils! It all started here last year and I just have kept the love up! My back table is suppose to look like a pencil. I did pink dot fabric from hobby lobby, I have grey chairs, and then my pencil flower pot.  The picture above was a few days ago, but I have decided to take the quotes off and have only one pencil pot.
How I made flower pot, check back tomorrow for Monday Made It! :)
My cubbie numbers. Sometimes I wish there was cutting fairy--I have been laminating and cutting for days. I don't see the end of the tunnel yet either. #canthelpitilovemakingstuff
 My classroom library. It is still a work in progress. Interested in the book binding labels? They are from Lessons with Laughter and they are AMAZING!
Last year, I had my student center in my bookshelves. This year, I decided to purchase this bakers rack for my student center. It is BIG, but I LOVE IT! lol.



  1. I love your Together We Are Better table idea! I have a bunch of those frames from Ikea and I haven't decided what to use them for. You are inspiring me!
    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

  2. Together we are better table! I love it!! Genius!

    Wild About Fifth


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