Scholastic Headquarters {Dreams Do Come True}

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For the next couple weeks, I will be taking you through my trip to New York. There will be a few stops: Scholastic, Matilda on Broadway, Teachers Pay Teachers, 9/11 Memorial, Books of Wonder, and FOOD. Hope you enjoy my NEW YORK journal.


As I am sure most people know by now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE books. Ever since I can remember, the Scholastic flyer has been in a staple in my life. Whether running home from school as a kid to show my mom or sending them home with my students, they have always been "my thing". Books make my heart full and make teaching 100 times more bookful. When my mom and I decided to take a mother daughter trip to New York, the first thing I did was Google Scholastic Headquarters. My dream was to go to the Scholastic bookstore and tour the headquarters.To my dismay, the bookstore was closed in January, 2015. It was a sad moment...

I put out a few messages on instagram, but no one seemed to have the perfect connect. Then, MAGIC happened. My mom and I were in the backseat of a taxi, and I thought to myself.... I am going to try one more time. I whipped up A Beautiful Mess picture that read:
I put my phone away and started to chat with my mom about our great flight from California to New York. (I am not a fan of flying). I just had to check my phone and then I saw a sweet little message from @scholasticreadingclubs!!! I about died. I literally SQUEALED...yes SQUEALED with excitement. The cab drive asked if I was alright. Heather from @scholasticreadingclubs reached out and told me to email her and she would get in contact with ME! FAST FORWARD 5 emails later, I had an appointment at THE SCHOLASTIC HEADQUARTER TO GET A PRIVATE TOUR! I am still on cloud 9 and so thankful from the bottom of my heart. I can't thank Heather enough for being a gracious hostess. Come see my special visit.

 The front of their building screams CLASS. Scholastic is such a classy company.
 Scholastic's Mission. I love EVERY word in this statement. I believe it! I am going to print this mission up and send it home with my students. READING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

This is the gorgeous view from the rooftop. Scholastic can look over all of New York City. Some employees eat their lunch looking out of over the city; while others plan what the next book order form should include. #mymomloveher

Books FOR DAYS. This was one of my favorite areas. There are WALL to WALL picture books. All of these books have one thing in common. Everyone at Scholastic agrees there is something magical inside each page. These are the golden books. Editors and writers use them as inspiration.

 The employee motto is all over the carpet. I love it. It reminds each employee of the impact they have in the lives of children.

Scholastic came up with a READING resolution campaign last year. Instead of the typical I will read more, the poster gives actual goals for the students to work towards. I am totally doing this in my classroom this year! 
 Love the colorful offices. Each office had stacks of children's literature. It makes my heart so happy to see how many people love to OPEN THE MAGIC!
This is the book hall of fame. All of these books are newbies waiting to come to a bookstore and bookshelf near YOU!

 Original artwork from Reina Telgemeier. She is the author behind SISTERS.

My view from the bottom floor ALL the way UP! I just got done seeing some TOP SECRET stuff! No pictures were allowed. #bookmagicinthemaking

 Harry Potter FANS.... This is the ORIGINAL cargo that brought one of the Harry Potter series to America.

Heather, I can't thank you enough. My trip was incredible. I am so thankful for my tour and the people I was able to meet. All of my students this year are going to be stoked when I tell them I got a tour of THE SCHOLASTIC HEADQUARTERS. You will definitely be seeing many book orders coming from Room 20!

 TEACHERS- Continue share your love of reading with your students. I have a post about that here.

Never Forget to OPEN THE MAGIC!

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