Monday Made It BACK TO SCHOOL Style

Raise your hand if you have been up LATE each night creating items for your classroom? Oh, good I am glad I am not the only one. Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of visiting the Teachers Pay Teachers Headquarter in New York City. It was BEYOND amazing. They inspired me so much that the moment I got onto the plane to fly home my computer was dazzling with new ideas and products. Be on the look out for a NY Trip blog posts!

Today I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics to debut my newest made-its in my TpT store Ramona Recommends. I think I spent 14 hours yesterday creating items for my classroom. #loveit! These four are my absolute favorite. Like- I can't wait to print, laminate and put into my classroom. I love products like that! Don't you?

 I am not huge on alphabets in 5th grade. Just my personal preference. But, I love the look of colorful posters that are meaningful for students around the classroom. I was sitting in the LAX airport last Monday and I spotted a picture of a fun fact about California. This got my wheels turning. On the flight to New York I created my 50 unusual state law fact posters. When researching, I learned that all of these laws are still in the law books, but some aren't "mandatory". I plan to put these in my Social Studies area of my classroom. Yay for non-fiction reading in 5th grade.

 I am miss organized. I need lists for everything! It is the way I work! I created my own Editable  READ ALOUD product. It comes with posters, read aloud sheets and more.

 Here are my daily schedule and time cards that are posted in my classroom. The kids love the bright colors and they are easy to see from the back of the classroom.
I had a lot of requests for my planner. I was nervous to sell it because it is not a bells and whistles planer. It is a SIMPLE planner, but I know I will use every single page. If you are interested, it is editable and made from the heart. I'm excited and then we will be twins!

What items have you made to make your classroom feel like home?

Thanks for reading- Here is a BACK TO SCHOOL FREEBIE :)

Come share with Tara and I. 

Happy Back To School (I still have until August 20..hehe)


  1. I love your 50 Unusual State Laws!! The kids will love these! Enjoy the rest of your summer break! :)

    A Perfect Blend

  2. What a genius idea for the 50 Unusual State Laws! Love that! I actually get a look at reading old state laws. There are some funny ones for sure!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I love your unusual state laws collection! I did notice that "Pueblo" is spelled wrong on the Colorado sign.


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