Books Bloggers Love {September Edition}

I am so excited to be a part of a new group called Books Bloggers Love. I mean this group is PERFECT for me. Each month the 12 of us will share one book we love to share with our students. They will be monthly picks to cater to the upcoming holiday or theme. This month we are are sharing our favorite Back to School books. I have so many that this was a hard one. If you are interested, I have a BACK TO SCHOOL with Ramona Recommends posts that shares my all time favorites for both lower and upper grades. Interested, click here. BUT COME BACK we have a SURPRISE for YOU!

Oh! hey figurative language!  One of my favorite figurative language elements to teach is similes. To teach similes, I use Hanoch Piven's My Dog Is as Smelly as Dirty Socks. The author describes a little girl's family using objects around the house. After we read the story, we talk about the different similes we see in the story. Then, the students create their own self portrait using similes. For example, my hair is as yellow as a Sunflower. I drew sunflowers for my hair. The self portraits look amazing hanging around the room for B2SN.

Here are some of Hanoch Piven's other GREAT books!
My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil
What Presidents Are Made Of 

 What is your favorite BACK TO SCHOOL book?
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