{Week 1} BTS in a FLASH! Teacher Faves

Welcome!!! I am super to be hosting a back to school photo collage event with Layla from Fancy Free in 4th and Jamie from Diary of a Not So Whimpy Teacher

Planners are my jam. I do not know what I would do if I did not have a planner for every part of my life. Yes, I have 3 planners. One for teaching, one for personal, and one for blogging. The best part about these planners are they are personalized with my creativity. They are a must have in my life.  I have purchased other commercial brands, but this year I created my own. I like to be able to use EVERY last bit of it... pencil marked, post-it marked, and just loved by me. Want to see inside, click here.

Post-it note is my middle name. I use just about every size of post-it note made. My favorite are the light ones to use when planning. Sometimes we have to move around a lesson 3-4 times, so writing on a posty, saves me erasing time. I store my post-it notes in this cute strawberry basket from the @verybusybox from Blair Turner Paper. I also use post-it notes when I am thinking of how many copies I need for each paper. It helps the parents know the routine of front to table, double sided... colored too :)

Every teacher has to have a Tallahassee Design Wooden Plaque. Whenever I stay late at school, I always look up at my Tallahassee Pencil and book and smile. They keep me going. How can they not, they are adorbs! Interested? 

Yes, I am known for giving cookies to teachers, friends, bloggy buddies, and followers. I love designing the perfect cookie with my cookie designer Megan from Bettie's Bake Shop. Exciting news!!! She now ships to anywhere in the United States. PLUS!!! She is offering a 15% discount to all her instagram followers if you order before August 4th. The order can be for anytime during 2015. @bettiesbakeshop
Want to see some cookies she has done for me over the years?

This picture is of my home office decor. I am in a LOVE No.2 pencil phase. Anything with pencils on it, I want it. How can you blame me... No.2 pencils are amazing. Especially Ticonderoga!!! They write like butter. These are a MUST have in my classroom.

Come link up and share your TEACHER FAVES

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  1. You are one organized gal with three planners! Wow! They look amazing. Ticonderoga are my favorite pencils too. :) Thanks so much for hosting this linky!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  2. "They write like butter"... so good! #needthosepencilsasap

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  3. Your cookies are always so adorable! They would be so cute at open house!

    Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher

  4. Those cookies!!! Love! I am going to try to incorporate getting cookies for my staff and students this year! Oh, and I also love Ticonderoga pencils!

  5. I love all of your favorites! Thank you for hostessing such a fun back to school linky. I have loved seeing everyone's shares! :)


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