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I know its been WAY TOO long since I did a CURRENTLY. I love Farley's CURRENTLY and super happy to be back for JULY! Come link up with Farley.

I love LISTENING Fight Song. It makes me bust out my Carrie Underwood dance skills and rock out in my office. You should try it! There is something magical about the smell of summer. I LOVE how it makes me want to just drink lemonade and sunbathe all day. While lovin' being on summer, I am THINKING of all the products I want to add to Ramona Recommends. The list is quiet long, but I am looking forward it! One of my favorite products I just added this past week is my Precept Writing activity. Speaking of TpT, I really NEED to order my iteachfifth button from Zazzle. Sometimes my to-do is so long that nothing gets done... does that happen to you? Lastly, I think I am an ALLSTAR because I always try to be kind. Everyone needs a kind person in their life. Ok, it's a short one for me this month. Have a lovely rest of your week. I will leave you with this...

Such a cute story to read the night before FOURTH OF JULY. Here is a printable for older kids to practice their narrative writing skills about 4th of July.

Be You Always Be Kind


  1. I agree with you on loving the smell of summer! Thanks for the book recommendation - I will post it on my Google Classroom page that my students have continued to utilize this summer :-).

    Growing Outside the Box

  2. I agree with the smell of summer because of the less chance of allergies. I also love the book recommendations as well.
    The Social Media Teacher

  3. Girl ... I am right there with you about thinking about TPT products. I have taught 5th grade before, but at my current school it will be so different. I have so much to do and create. I am also right there with you about Twitter. I did my first chat the other night and that helped. We should try one together. You are so kind, I can already tell... I'm excited to meet you!

    The Balanced Teacher

  4. Go search for our #tptchat hashtag on twitter and you'll find several posts that have how-to's. PeppyZestyTeacherista has a great video tutorial too! :) Happy July!

  5. I love your new product! See you later today :)

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  6. I am also loving the smell of summer! :D Lets just say I went a little overboard with candles at Bath and Body Works smells like summer and vacation everywhere I go and I don't even have to leave my living room. :)


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