A+ Images Loves Bloggers

A free shirt with my Blog LOGO....Yes, please! I am so thankful for the wonderful and sweet people who work for A+ Images. One of my favorite products they sell is their classroom picture shirts. I wasn't able to order one this year for my class, but I can't wait to create one next year. Interested? Click here.

I was fortunate to work with a designer from A+ images to create my blog shirt. I can't wait to wear it in VEGAS!!!! If you see a blonde gal wearing this shirt, it is 99.99999% ME! Stop by and say hello! I can't wait to meet you. 

Head over to A+ Images and ORDER YOUR BLOG SHIRT and MORE TODAY!


  1. I ordered mine this weekend- can't wait for it to come in! Yours looks adorable, and I can't wait to meet you!


  2. I just got mine this week, too!! Hot pink :) Can't wait to give you a hug!


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