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This weekend I went to the California Association for Gifted Learners Conference in Palm Springs. I took away a plethora of great information and over time I will share it with you! *Promise!

 Sharing Moment #1

I might shock you will my next comment. After I heard it, I thought to myself YES! 

100% isn't always the best
We live in a society were perfection is a must. When we get or give 100% what are we teaching our students? Yes, it is an accomplishment to do well in school and strive for greatness. BUT! What if 100% is teaching our students they don't have to reach for something greater. Are we teaching our students that 100% means you don't have to keep trying? I have been raking these thoughts in my head for the last 24 hours. I feel inspired that giving THOUGHTFUL and CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to even my highest students will make them better. Having failure in life is ok. Yes, you heard me correctly, FAILURE IS OK!!!! Lets teach our students that the end all be all is NOT the 100%, but willingness and maturity to grow and learn more! I am not saying don't give 100%, but DO GIVE THOUGHTFUL AND CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to better your students even if they might not see the big picture now. When they have their first job interview fail or their first big project fail they will thank you. Teaching children how to gracefully fail is our job. It is a tough one, but creating perfectionism is worse. 
I learned about this book yesterday. It is a wonderful remind to stay in the now and work to better ourselves now not later.

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  1. I've missed reading your blog; SO happy to see you back :)
    I always love going to CAG & was sad to have missed it this year! I'm going to check out What Does it Mean to Be Present; always LOVE your recommendations!! Thanks, Courtney!!


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