My Mount Rushmore Morning

Do you ever have that feeling of, "I am SO lucky!"? We can all attest to that fact that I LOVE LOVE LOVE fluffy heart LOVE books. The feeling I get when I walk into the children's section at Barnes n Nobel or the Scholastic Warehouse is like Christmas morning for a six year old. There is something magical about a brand new picture book that leaves me dancing.

A few weeks ago I received an email from our Media Tech inquiring if my class and others wanted to go to an assembly given by JON SCIESZKA on behalf of Whale of Tale Children's Book Shoppe. "OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU SERIOUS, HE IS ON MY MOUNT RUSHMORE OF CHILDREN'S AUTHORS, OH MY GOSH"....YES spilled across the replied email. This isn't the first time we have received this kind of cherry on top email either. Check out the time when I met Tom Angelberger. My love of literature has sprinkled into the minds of my students so I knew they wouldn't want to miss a chance.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with Mr. Jon Scieszka he is author to the well known books of:
The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, Sticky Cheese Man, Cowboy and Octopus, Battle Bunny, Math Curse, Science Verse, and his newest series of Frank Einstein.
These might or might not (lets be real they are ALL) signed to Miss Hinshaw. I can't wait to add them into my OPEN THE MAGIC library. Want to see my home library?

Mr. Scieszka is hilarous! The kids and teachers in the room were cracking up. My favorite story he told was about the picture day sweater. It reminded me of when my sister and I shared clothes. Did you know he was a teacher too! 

 After the presentation, my class and I were lucky enough to have a mini photo shoot with the legend himself. The picture of my class is totally AWESOME. It is yearbook worthy. Unfortunately, I can't share it with you because I want to honor my student's privacy. But BELIEVE ME, it is darling! During recess, while he was signing my gazillion books I purchased we just "hung out" and had a fun and light hearted conversation about Ramona Recommends. Mr. Scieszka if you are reading this, thank you for making today a GREAT memory for my 5th graders and of course RAMONA RECOMMENDS.

 4 lucky students who dressed up as MAD SCIENTISTS received this special pen.

Moments like today make really love the magic of READING. I love how books can make magic for all people. I love thinking about how many children will remember this day when they are my age and say, "Remember in 5th grade when Jon Scieszka came to our school?". I love moments that create memories. 

Check out his books they are AWESOME.

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