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Happy March! I love this time of month because that means SPRING is almost here and the cute spring colors emerge. Thank you for stopping by Ramona Recommends.I am LUCKY because I LOVE teaching and learning each day. I am LUCKY that I LOVE to wake up each morning and drive to work. I am LUCKY that I don't mind spending hours and hours on school work. I am LUCKY that I love books!

Two of my favorite MARCH recommendations:

It is cute and quick read! Great for younger kids to practice sequencing. I like reading it to my older kids too because they start to "read it" after the first or second page. Great fluency practice for struggling readers.

I love reading this book to my 5th graders. It has a wonderful message about friendship and envy. It is perfect for "March Madness" when sometimes friendship quarrels start to form. 

Want more MARCH book recommendations? Click here from my post last year! BUT! Come back for the freebies below.

LUCKY YOU! Grab this MARCH freebie from Ramona Recommends. Have your student share why they are lucky with a twist. #teachersarethebest

GUESS WHAT LUCKY YOU AGAIN! Stop by Fifth in the Middle and grab another St.Patrick's Day FREEBIE!

Fifth in the Middle


  1. This is fantastic Courtney! I love that you have mixed media in this. Can't wait to do this next week with my class!

    Lucky to connect with you!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. I love new book recommendations - can't wait to check out Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great - Amazon thanks you!!

  3. I love your freebie! I love that we can compare and contrast the story and the song! Thank you for the great book ideas too! :)

  4. Very cute! And thanks for the new book recommendations!!

  5. Very cute freebie that students will enjoy doing - thanks for sharing!

  6. I received some letters from 8th graders in the last few years in the spring before graduation. They always remind me why I teach!! This is perfect for my 5th graders to remind the primary teachers too!!



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