Do you teach INFERENCE in your classroom? It is one of my favorite reading skill to teach, but one of the hardest for kids to really understand. My RTI group is reading Bridge to Terabithia and this week we will start to infer as we read. To introduce inferring, I created a hands-on technology filled morning. Not to mention it was my Spring formal observation. I think my lesson went really well.I thought I would share it with my Ramona Recommends readers.

If you do not know, I love fashion as much as I love books. I plan my outfits for the week out each Sunday. Last Sunday, I was going through my week in my head and it hit me about my observation. OMG, I HAVE to wear my glasses screen tee. It goes hand in hand with the big picture of inferring. Then the night before my observation, I was going through my pants and came across blue pin-striped pants. I had another OMG moment thinking about READING BETWEEN THE LINES. Yes, it was a magical moment and I laughed about my nerdiness! But, I brought my love of fashion to the lesson.

I opened my lesson by asking my students why they thought I was wearing this top and pants today. I did give them a clue that it had to do with a reading skill.
I was very pleased by their answers. They were able to guess about the my shirt, but could not READ BETWEEN THE LINES with my pants. When I told them, one shouted that is clever Miss H.

The whole lesson took about 70 minutes and the kids had a blast! When you mention the word TECHNOLOGY boy do they perk up! 
 I found this amazing background paper on Teachers Pay Teachers to go along with my theme of INFERRING.
 This was the night before getting all my materials into a folder for my principal.
 After my quick clothing intro, I passed out a notes paper for the students to use to take notes. Interested, it is my 5th grade JUNK DRAWER product. Side note- I created a product to house all my random 5th grade worksheets that I create. It is a growing product.
The students and I worked through this worksheet as I prompted them to give me the notes. I would ask questions like, "To Make an Inference, where do you look?" They responded in books, at quotes, pictures....". Then we talked about Schema which was a new word for all my kids. I geeked out I that could teach them about a word I learned in my Reading Masters program! :) We also talked about how it is our brain talking or going through a filing cabinet. I do have the challenge group so we are able to have  a chat around the fire and dig deep conversation. I HEART IT! I made a powerpoint shell for each part of the equation and then wrote on my board for them to copy down. I didn't get a picture darn it!

 Next, we played SPRING RIDDLES by Teaching with a Mountain View. I placed a riddle card on my document camera and then each group had to read the card and come up with an answer. BUT! I made them answer using the riddle so we could hear their thinking. To answer they had to read the clue that helped them figure out the answer, give a personal connection, and then give the answer. It was hard for some groups, but as they practiced they were nailing it.
 My colleague shared with me  Pigeon Impossible, a short Pixar film, that is perfect for inferring.  As they watched the film, they had to look for inferences about characters, setting, and the briefcase. It was interesting to me, that MANY kids did not know what a briefcase was. They keep their notes on whiteboards and then after the movie they created I infer sentences. I infer the movie takes place in Washington DC because I saw the Washington Monument. I went to Washington when I was 7 and saw the beautiful American Symbol. (Yep, that was shared).
 For the final activity of the morning, students created inference charts with Hello Literacy's Picture of the Day pictures. It was the BIGGEST hit. I have never seen so much discussing and thinking EVER! Before they started, I did an example. Yes, this is my first day of Kindergarten. :) Each group of two students logged into their Google accounts to access the pictures. Did you know if you do not want a pdf document to stay in a google account, you have the kids star the pdf. and then after they are finished using the document they unstar it and its gone. :)

On Monday, the students will share the picture they choose and 3 inference equations. Then the audience will create a main idea hashtag. The kids really seemed to enjoy this activity. I hope their enthusiasm transfers when we start to make inferences while reading Bridge to Terabithia.

PS. My FAVORITE book to teach inference is:

PSS. Here are two other fun activities to use when teaching Inferring from Nicole Shelby and One Extra Degree.

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  1. I am so inspired by this post! You introduced a tricky skill in such a fun and engaging way, and you let the kids use technology! Even though I teach kindergarten, I love to introduce inferencing. I'm going to borrow and modify your ideas for my little ones!


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