How Big Is your Brave?

 Hello Friends,

Happy Tuesday! I have the BEST book to share with you. In the middle of July, I was scrolling through instagram under the hash tag #picturebooks and found a picture of cutie cutie pig.  Love the #picturebook  hashtag because I learn about so many books I don't have (and now want). I clicked on the picture and that is when I met Renee Galvin. Renee is author and illustrator of Chasing Monster Tales. This book is about a little boy and his big imagination. What do monsters, socks, and little boys have in common? Read this wonderful story to find out! I reached out to Renee and she sent me a copy of the book to add to my collection. Guess what! She sent me TWO books so I can give one away to a lucky reader. Enter into the giveaway for your chance to spread the magic of imagination.

 Such a sweet story to encourage kids to have imaginations and dream big.

Remember that cutie cutie pig I was talking about? That cutie cutie pig is in her newest book called "Stuck in a Muck" which will be out in September.  

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  1. Stuck in a Muck will launch on May 16th!!!! So excited to read it!


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