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I am in full summer school mode! Wahoo! It will be a quick 19 days. During those 19 days, I am going to Vegas for a weekend getaway. I am actually going during the weekend of the TpT conference. Unfortunately, I can't go to the conference because I will be teaching, BUT!, I will be meeting up with bloggers Friday night and Saturday! Always looking for the positive! Can't wait to pick up S is for Silver- A Nevada Alphabet book.

Last October, my parents traveled to Maine to visit Kennebunkport. Along their travels, my mom stopped in a cute little town bookstore and picked up this gem. You know the Good Night Moon story by Maragret Wise Brown? Adam Gamble created this cute version, Good Night Maine. I learned so much about Maine in 10 cardboard pages. I would give anything to eat blueberries with Sal, munch on Lobsters with fisherman, and explore the Acadia National Park.
Good Night Maine

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  1. I need to check out this book for sure! When I was little, we vacationed in Bar Harbor, Maine for the summer. I spent my days eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast, hanging out in Acadia National Park, and watching the lobstermen bring in their hauls at the dock. I keep saying I will go back there to vacation, I just haven't been. Thank you for bringing back some really great childhood memories by sharing this book.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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