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2 more days and then I can say HAPPY SUMMER! I'm so excited to share with you a little piece of me. I grew up in Northern California in a town called Danville. I lived there from Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Danville has my heart even though I LOVE southern California. A few summers ago, I went to visit one of my best friends up north. One of the days during the trip we drove to Danville. I was in heaven!
 We visited the town that built part of my life. This picture of me standing in front of the Green Valley Elementary Marquee floods my mind with so many memories. I knew in second grade I was deem to be the stamp, pencil, sticker lovin teacher! Everything looked the same with just a few new buildings. Magical! The other picture is of my favorite bookstore growing up- Rakestraw Books. I remember going there with my mom and purchasing books. #nothinghaschanged

On this particular trip, I picked up WONDER. Many upper grade kids LOVE to read! I hope to read this during read aloud time in the near future. This book is a sparkle of magic. The lesson of kindness learned in this book will hold students captivated. We can never stop teaching our children the power of respect and kindness. Want to kick off RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESSES with a powerful read aloud? Look below!

San Francisco is a dear special place. I remember as a child going to the city during Christmas and seeing all the sparkling lights. My dad would drive quickly down the steep streets and my sisters and I would scream. My childhood memories are like dancing around in whip cream. Do you want to know how many times I have eaten at the Fisherman's Wharf? More times than my age times 2!

My parents were in San Francisco last summer and my mom picked me up Journey Around San Francisco.It is one of my favorite destination books because of the BEAUTIFUL illustrations. I'm guessing my schema might have to do with why I love this book. Just sayin... :) My favorite picture from this book is the FULL HOUSE page.

Lastly! I have just created a new link for all my FREE Book Lists. Check it Out!

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  1. Love it! I'm from Northern California (Moraga) and I have the ABC book you mentioned. The pictures are fabulous. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your visit to Danville. :)

  2. How fun! I love San Fran :) Thanks for sharing more about you!

  3. Loved reading more about you! And as a fellow fashionista I must mention that your outfits are great and I have that same fun striped LOFT skirt

  4. I'm so glad I just came across your blog! I grew up (and now teach) in Pleasanton! The East Bay is such a great part of California. I read Wonder every year with my 5th graders and it has such a huge impact! Have you read the new Julian chapter? It's an amazing follow up to hear the "bully" perspective. And she RJ Palacio also has a 365 Precept book that will come out in August. I already pre-ordered it so I can use it as a daily writing activity with my 5th graders!

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