Southern California Teacher Blogger Meet-up!

This past Saturday, I co-hosted my 1st Annual Southern California Teacher Blogger Meet-up! I love the comments I got from my non-teacher friends and family. Wait, Your What? You are meeting teachers who blog? As I was driving to the restaurant, I was on the phone with my best friend. She asked how I was feeling. I replied with "nervous, but so excited". Now, I have dabbled in online dating so I know the feeling #trueconfessions. She laughs and says, "Well, at least you know you will have a blast at this function!" Boy! Was she right! I had the time of my life. Before I started blogging, I had been a true blog reader. I would read about blogger meet-ups and see all of the fun pictures and such. So, when I started blogging and teacher instagramming, I knew that was something I would be interested in hosting. Well, I found one of my old colleagues on instagram a few months ago, Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools, and we discussed throwing a little shindig together. Here we are the co-hostesses.
 We invited any Southern California bloggers (really any teacher bloggers) to join us for a day of lunching, laughing, tip sharing, laughing some more, and friend making.

The day could have not gone more perfect. We did have to change our venue due to unforeseen circumstances. Luckily, we dined at Cheesecake Factory in Fashion Island, Newport Beach. It was a gorgeous day. I have to say the service at the Cheesecake Factory was fantastic~ the best I have ever seen for a large party of 16 giggling gals.

Besides teaching, fashion is my favorite part of life. Putting together outfits makes me smile ear to ear. So of course, I had to share with you what I wore to this event.
Green Jacket {Nordstrom-B.P.}
Flowery Top {Nordstrom-B.P.}
Black Wit and Wisdom Skinny Jeans {Nordstrom- Point of View}
Peach Necklace {Nordstrom- B.P.}
Blue, Yellow, White Neckace {Nordstrom-B.P.} link is for similar
Brown Boots {Off Broadway Shoes}
Don't you love when you work with someone and you both have different strengths? Kristen took over being the email and response queen. She was great at setting up google doc forms, keeping our guests informed via email, creating an adorable gift bakset for one lucky bloggy winner, and calling to make sure the restaurant was ok with us bring 16 of our closest blogger friends. :) I was in charge of creating the invitation and nametags. I also created two sets of my inspirational quotes to put into the giveaway gift basket.  Lastly, I was in charge of finding the perfect momento for our So Cal bloggy friends to remember us. Let me break this all down for you in pictures and captions. Oh look, I am using text features to help guide you through our day! 

 Thank you to KH Designs, KG Fonts, and Lettering Delights for making such fonts, clipart, and backgrounds! I made these on PowerPoint and then bought Avery Name tag holders from Staples.

How cute are these California shaped cookies from Bettie's Bake Shop. My favorite part of my whole experience working with BBS was she she asked what fonts I used for my invitation. I gave her a few names and she made it look SO much like my invitation. Attention to detail, 100%! I met Megan, the designer of these amazing cookies when I first started working at my new school. She was a long term substitute and we sat together at a professional development workshop. Right off the bat, she was welcoming and friendly. At our staff holiday party, she made the most moist yummy cupcakes. The following week, I asked if she baked and well I found out she was owner of Bettie's Bake Shop. I knew she would be my cookie creator for the rest of my life! Bettie's Bake Shop just joined instagram too. Go follow her! @bettiesbakeshop

Here are the goodies Ramona Recommends added to the giveaway gift basket. If you are interested, they are in my TpT Store. Click on the pictures to be directed to the correct item. 

Southern California Bloggers
 Let me introduce to you these fabulous teachers
Cheryl From Auntie's Sweet Life
Courtney from Ramona Recommends
Kristen from Easy Teaching Tools
Lauren from A Teachable Teacher
Caitlin from Teach Inspire Change 
Stephanie from Teaching in Room 6
Angela from Lights Camera Teach
Janice @1islandlover
Jessica @jgpreece 
Can I just tell you that I think I found 16 new friends. These ladies are awesome. I learned so many wonderful tips for blogging and teaching in 3 hours. I loved learning about what life was like before teaching from Caitlin and learning about young true love from Lauren. I love how we even had two blogger readers join us! Janice and Jessica, you are so great! We love readers like you! I hope you start to blog soon! It is a blast. I didn't get to sit by everyone :( Angela and Chelsea next time, I want to sit by you! I got to meet three bloggers who I have been following way before I started to blog. I felt pretty special because I can add it to my celebrity sightings. Yes, Molly, Stephanie, and Katie, you are celebrities. I felt like I had known some of the gals forever, even though we just met at 11:30am that day. I sat by Jessica and Jamie who both came all the way from Fresno. I loved learning about their classroom dynamics and cute valentine's projects.Thank you to Cheryl, Beth, and Vicky for bringing adorable treats to share. I just love them! Teachers, we have this way about us. We thrive on knowledge from others. The teacher community is such a strong and powerful force, and I am so proud to be a part of this community.

If you live in Southern California or nearby, we would love for you to join at our next event. Follow Ramona Recommends and Easy Teaching Tools to make sure you stay updated! Have a wonderful week.


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