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It's 10:26 on Wednesday night, and I am creating a checklist of items I want to make sure I address in this post. Why do teachers stay up so late? Why do I not care that I will press snooze 3 times tomorrow morning, in order to finish my to-do list? I can't speak for all of us- even though I am sure "we" all agree. Teaching is a passion. It's who I am, and will always be. I hope one day to add wife and mommy into who I am. For now, TEACHER is the best way to say who I am. 
I am always thinking how I can share my love for books. Yesterday's blog post ended with a question. I wondered who would be interested in a book club. There was an interest among my blogger and Instagram followers. Now this book club who not be your typical best seller list book club, but a children's literature club.

Ramona Recommends' book club will start on the first Wednesday of every month. Our first book club will be Wednesday, April 2nd. Here is where it gets a little tricky, because some of you might not blog. 
Solution Sally here! I will create a blog post for each book we decide to feature. In the comment section, we can have our mini discussion. I will also post a picture of the book on Instagram. Members can also post reactions, thoughts, and feelings there as well. We will choose a different book each month. So! You can post thoughts anytime, but you really have 30 days complete each task. This is my first blogger/insta book club... Suggestions are welcomed! Honestly, I haven't figured out all the logistics. BUT, I have picked the book! Once we get a solid group, we can share in the choosing of the books. The books can be chapter books or picture books. If you do not have the book featured, check your school or local library. Also, I am sure Amazon or BN wouldn't mind a little business.  If you would like join leave your email below. I will send out a message this weekend. 
I am super excited to introduce our first book! Here is a preview. I will create it's own special page for Wednesday, April 2nd. 

Wow! This is my first time using my phone to type a post. Jury is in- I like using my computer 100% more. 


  1. LOVE this idea!!


    My Carolina Classroom

  2. marybeth1421@hotmail.com

  3. Such a great idea!!! I'm not a blogger but I follow your blog and Instagram account. Can't wait!

  4. I would love to join the virtual bookclub!

  5. What a fun idea! I have this book somewhere in my library, but will have to dig to find out. I'm sure there is a kiddo who knows where it is.


  6. Thanks for letting us participate in such a fun idea! I look forward to our first post. I just need to get my hands on this book ASAP.

    2 Smart Wenches

  7. I would love to join the book club if it's not too late. My email is smgibson15@gmail.com and my blog is adventuresin4thgrade15.blogspot.com!


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