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Hi! Go link up with Farley for March's Currently and check out her darling new digs. I love the colors they remind of "the best day of my life" moments. Don't know if you can handle it, but I am blogging twice today. :)
I'm always a few days late changing my calendars and now creating my CURRENTLY! This happens to me every March! One March, I will be on top of it! :) Let's see what I am up to:
Listening: My favorite song of all time is, "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. The message just makes me cry about every other time. My first principal as a teacher was one of the most amazing women I have ever had the pleasure of working for. She was one of these special souls that just make you feel wonderful about yourself. My last year at my school before moving back to California she was promoted to District level. I made her a scrapbook of memories and all the teachers wrote notes to her. I made video of the scrapbook so I could have a memory of my masterpiece. Anywho to get to my point, she wrote all of us a letter and attached was this song. The lyrics explain exactly the type of person she is, always wishing someone the best. Mrs. B if you ever read this, I hope you know I think so highly of you and am honored to know such a wonderful person.

Loving: Sunday I posted a HELP question about anyone having a great lesson to teach Noting Details. I wasn't coming up with anything that excited me, so that is why I called on my teacher friends. Jen from Hello Literacy pointed me to her Picture of the Day resource. OMG OMG! What fun we had today!!! Click on the pictures to go to her store to purchase this treat. Seriously worth EVERY penny!

It was a hit. The kids were begging me to bring more on Thursday to RTI. I have to say it was probably one of my favorite mini lessons I have taught recently. I started the lesson off by standing up and asking the kids to look at what I was wearing. I told them to pay attention to details. I gave them 30 seconds. Then I went into the hall and changed something about my appearance. For example, today I wore a long sleeve gray top that had pearls and diamonds on the collar, black skinnies, black boots, a watch, and a (fake) diamond bracelet.  While in the hall, I rolled up one sleeve. I came back into the classroom and asked 3 students to guess what I had changed. Some students got it right off the bat others struggle. Then we talked about why details are important and why they help us understand what we read. Next was the best part, Hello Literacy's Picture Activity. I gave them one minute to study the picture and write down observations they saw in the picture. Then, they worked with a partner for 1 minute to add to their list. Lastly, we went around the table discussing what the students wrote down. We talked about how observations can lead to inferring about a character or author's purpose for writing.  They then wrote a sentence discussing what they inferred about the picture and why. My favorite sentence today was: I infer it is winter time because the kids are wearing long sleeves. It is simple, but gets the job done. I love teaching READING! EEEK!

Thinking: I leave for Vegas on Thursday and I have no packing list ready. This is so not like me. Well I will be honest, I have ALL my outfits picked out and hanging up in the closet.  BUT! I need to make a list for all the small things that if I don't make a note about I forget to bring. Vegas is not my favorite vacation destination, but I am excited to go celebrate my neighbor's birthday with her friends who are coming from the UK. I better learn to drink tea with my pinky up! :)

Wanting: What teacher has time for TV? Really DVR is the best invention. I usually tape everything during the week and then veg out on the weekends to catch up. I admit I have quite the list. Do you watch any of the following?
Monday- Bachelor
Tuesday- Glee
Wednesday- American Idol and Nashville
Thursday- American Idol and Greys
Friday- Hart of Dixie

Needing: So cool! One of the teachers I work with has started doing exit slips to check student understanding. We decided to have my math groups use this ticket as well. It is such a great tool for teachers plus me! It shows me where I need to fix up my teaching and where my students are "rocking it"! One question has them explain their thinking and the other has students doing algorithms.

??????: What are your guesses? I will give you the answer next week on Tuesday's "Ramona Recommends"!


  1. Hope you completed all of your packing! Looks like you leave soon. Have a wonderful vacation!

    Flip Floppin' Through...3rd Grade

    1. Hello!
      I completed it the morning that I left...haha So not like me, but you gotta do what you gotta do! :)

  2. I'm right there with ya! I never have time to watch my shows when they actually air on tv. I'm so old school that I don't even have a DVR. I have to catch up with them online (on my tiny laptop screen) and Netflix the shows that don't allow online viewing. Greys is one of my longtime fav's. My guilty pleasure is Revenge...can't wait for it to air again this week!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  3. Love your blog!! Found you via the March Currently. I watch the Bachelor too... though I am not a fan of Juan Pablo. Can't wait for the Final Rose on Monday!!

    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Juan Pablo is not my favorite, but I hope something works out for him. Sean has been my all time favorite- such a great classy guy.

  4. I printed the entire picture of the day unit at Staples!!!! $93 but worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sounds Amazing! I would love to see how you use for your littles.


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