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I love to read. I love to learn and try out new techniques. Yes, I include blog reading as a type of reading. I would call it informational text. :) Today's recommends is dedicated to all the teachers out there who want to learn more about literacy instruction. Through my masters and blog reading, I have learned about a few new finds that I can't wait to dive into over winter break. Today, I am cheating a little. I haven't read the ones I am recommending, BUT I have heard rave reviews on each one. Just thought I would pass on the magic. So, GO OPEN THE MAGIC!

On the 8th day of Ramona Recommends she says, "Open the MAGIC!"

You love to read, right? It is a part of who we are as teachers. Want to instill that same passion in your students? Donalyn Miller shares tidbits in her first book, The Book Whisper on how to get students to love to read. In her newest book, Reading in the Wild, she dives deep to help teachers and parents create lifelong readers. She wants to keep that magic flowing forever. I can't wait to read this book! Since earning my masters, I believe there is a book for every student; we just need to find where their magic opens. 
The title in itself makes me want to read this book. I proudly accept that I am a teacher nerd. I love reading about teaching, staying up late at night working on school projects, reading blogs, chatting with friends about best practices, and singing in my classroom to pump kids up. #nerd! I first heard about this book from Babbling Abby when she posted a rave review on her blog. Teaching vocabulary is hard. Don't lie; you agree. Inside Word Nerds is a land of vocab magic. The first chapter is titled, What is the Big Deal about Vocabulary Instruction? I just love that title because it provides much discussion. I think vocabulary instruction is a stepping stone to reading. Learning how to dissect words, build upon words, using context clues, and manipulating multiple meaning words can unlock many comprehension doors. I have always struggled teaching vocabulary #truth. I hope to be inspired when I finish reading this gem! From all my schooling and own teaching experience, I know the DO NOT DOs, but somehow they still show up.

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  1. Thanks for linking up!
    Of course blog reading should count as informational text :)
    Great post - I enjoyed reading it!


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