Traditions are the best

How many more days until break? 10 days!!! Why not celebrate with a read aloud! The word TRADITIONS screams loudly to me during this magical season. I find it so fascinating to learn about all the different holidays the students celebrate. Pretty neat. I love working in a school with so many different cultures and how the children respect each other.

On the 9th day of Ramona Recommends she celebrates TRADITION.
I love this story! When I first graduated college, I taught 4th grade in Tucson, Arizona. Most of my students were Hispanic and ate tamales during the holidays. Until working at that school, my background on other holiday traditions was pretty limited. #justbeinghonest The students opened my vocabulary to new words like hojos wreaths, tamales, and masa. Too Many Tamales shares the wonderful tradition of making and eating tamales during the holidays. Many Hispanic cultures share in this tradition on Christmas Eve or day. Each Christmas season, one of my very good friends makes hundreds of tamales with her two girlfriends. It has been their tradition for years. Besides learning about new traditions, this story is wonderful for teaching what to do when you have a problem or secret. I will be posting a quick activity to use when reading this story. Hopefully by tonight or tomorrow. It will be in my TpT store.


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