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Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by. It is so fun to think of all the teachers and parents out there who read this blog daily. It brings such joy to my heart. In fact, it brings such joy that I thought I would recommend 3 books today.

On the 5th day of Ramona Recommends she brings 3 TOTALLY AWESOME finds:

As I type in the hyperlink, I am cracking up! No pun intended. This hilarious find is about a chicken who loves to read. Since she loves to read so much, she has decided to write her own book. She plans, pecks, plans, and pecks until her book is finished. One problem! She gets a terrible review. Find out how she revives her chicken status and keeps on plucking! 
We have days where we get disappointed by the ones we love. Sometimes they might do something that we find saddening. Sometimes friends have to move away or go on a long summer vacation. As kids, its hard to understand those life decisions that parents have to make. This glorious story shares an expereince between two besties where they both have to learn about finding the good in every situation. This story is a great life lesson on learning how to deal with hurt feelings. 

State reports here you come! This series is AMAZING! They have one for each state and inside each letter describes something special about the state. I have collected almost all 50 states. Each time I visit or my parents visit a new state, I am sure to pick their state alphabet book right up!! Teachers- many local and school libraries have these books on hand. So great to lead students in their state reports! I chose to share C is for Centennial with you because that is my birth state!

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