Give A Little Bit....

One of my favorite commercials is Gap's, "Give a Little Bit". I love the message behind the melody. In essence, it never hurts to give a little bit. Giving should not equate to monetary value. Giving could be defined as smiling at the person in front of you at Starbucks or hearing you were missed yesterday because you were sick. This Christmas season, "Give a Little Bit". How are you giving this season?

On the 6th day of Ramona Recommends, she brings a lesson on giving.

Every September, my mom and I attend the Orange County Children's Book Festival. I take this time to learn about new authors and books that are unique. Walking around the tents I came upon Play.Create.Grow where author Benthany Morton-Gannaway smiled at me as I walked by. Her books intrigued me, so I stopped and browsed. I was blown away by her upbeat personality, but most of all her book selection. One book in particular that caught my eye was, A Bag Named Give. Remember when I started this post I talked about giving without hesitation. Bethany and I have the same outlook on life. Giving is such a powerful tool when it comes from the heart. This book shares in the importance of giving from the heart and how it can change the lives of so many. Reading this book with children during the holiday season puts "giving and receiving" into perspective. Discuss with your class or children how giving makes one feel they have received his or her own present. What are you going to GIVE? Leave a comment. 

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