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Hello! Welcome back to regular programing. Just in case you joined Ramona Recommends during the first 12 days of December, let me recap. During that time, I recommended a book each day to add to your holiday wish list. :) Now, we are back to regular programming. Every Tuesday, I will recommend a wonderful picture book or chapter book that I find magical. Sometimes, I will even add a lesson or activity to go with the book. I am super glad you are here! Thank you and WELCOME!

Can't believe break is almost here! I know we are all counting down to the days of yoga pants, cookie binges, morning workouts, relaxation, family time, and just plain fun! Today's recommendation will be rather short as my to-do list is longer than Rapunzel's hair. I love being busy, but tired and busy just don't settle well with me.

With Common Core quickly becoming the mainstream in almost all classrooms in the US, I want to recommend a book that celebrates the importance of asking questions. As learners, questions make us grow and learn beyond what we thought was possible.
Read the true story of Albert Einstein and his curiosity that has him questioning everything! :) I love the way it is written. The voice has a poetic touch which shines brightly on Albert Einstein's quest to learn about gravity and motion. It proves you just have to have a spark of curiosity to change the world. This book can be used for many different lessons.

QUESTION: How do you teaching questioning in your classroom.

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