A Classic

Sometimes trying new things can just be, blah! Sometimes you need to stick to the tried and true. Sometimes having vanilla frozen yogurt is way better than Triple Decker Sprinkle Raspberry Delight. Right?! That brings me to my point...sometimes a Classic book to spread the holiday cheer is a must. It is a "safe place" we all grew up knowing and it reminds us of the first time we heard,"Twas the night before Christmas.."

On the 4th day of Ramona Recommends she brought:
 Q. Who loves Jan Brett? A. Everybody (hopefully) The Night Before Christmas is a classic that every classroom and home should own. It screams CHRISTMAS. The illustrations are magical. This classic poem written by Clement Moore is loved by so many. I love it because it's something I have celebrated my whole life. It is part of me. I know no different. When Christmas comes, I read this book. It's like when I wake up, I always brush my teeth (your welcome). If you are allowed to read this story in your classroom, I urge to do it ASAP. Print a copy of the poem for your students to follow along. Discuss the vocabulary that might be foreign to them. Have students practice for fluency. Ask comprehension questions and have the student go back into to the text to find evidence to support their statement (Common Core, look at me!). Let the magic be opened! I promise it's worth it!

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