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Give me a high five if you love reading? Give me a high five if you love clothes? Give me a high five if you love graphic tees!

I am super excited to be relaunching MAGIC WEAR to promote the love of reading and celebrating picture books for all readers. As I wear my Open The Magic sweater or my Picture Books are My Jam tshirt, I feel thankful. I feel thankful because in third grade I could not read down a page without stuttering and stopping. In third grade, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and an Auditory Processing Disorder. I have come along way and I am forever grateful to my teachers, parents, and picture books for helping me become a READER.

Join me and teachers all over the world to promote teaching the love of reading, teaching with picture books, helping kids find the right book for them, and showing kids that books can pull out confetti moments. Help your students OPEN THE MAGIC!

Never give up on your students. Help them and they will rise above. If you are interested in reading my story, I would be honored. I wrote my story to help all teachers, parents, and kids know EVERYONE has a CHANCE to SOAR you just have to OPEN THE MAGIC.

Come shop MAGIC WEAR and be the most styling teacher on campus or parent in the pick up line. The merch comes in a variety of colors and vinyl types. I plan to wear my Picture Books are My Jam tshirt on Open The Magic Day September 25th. Of course if you run into me at Trader Joe's on Saturdays I will be in yoga pants and my Open The Magic sweater.

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