{Week 2} BTS in a FLASH! Curriculum Must Haves

Today, I am going to share 3 products with you {1 product I have created, 1 product I use every year, and something on my wish-list}. These are MUSTS in my classroom. They help make everything run smoothly! Come learn about these Snazzy Products.

This is one of my new products, that I am so excited to share. My kids and myself LOVE fun facts. This is the perfect way to get them excited about non-fiction text. This product has a fun fact for a week during the school year. Check out how I display my fun fact below! #realworldapplication



 Amy Groesbeck's HELPER product is the literally my favorite display in my classroom. The design and fonts are spot on. The kids love the interaction with the number titles. I have my students run Monday Morning Jobs each week. They have got it down pat. She even includes an editable version. ALSO! There is a curriculum piece too- teaching students about jobs and money. LOVE IT!

When I found I was teaching fifth I RAN to Jennifer Findley's TpT Store. This lady is such a dedicated teacher and I love supporting her by using her products in my classroom. I will FOR SURE be purchasing this one for the BTS Sale!!! Check out The Complete Guide to Multiplication :)

Come link up and show us your CURRICULUM MUST HAVES!!

Guess What! The gals of the iTeach community has joined in with a little fun for you!!! Enter in the ones that apply to your grade level. Enjoy!!! Thank you again gals iteach- you are the best!!!!

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  1. Your Talking With the Text is KILLING ME! How adorable is the bulletin board and the student probably love it. Totally wishlisted it!
    You rock.

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. Thank you for sharing, your fun facts are so cute! I love finding new ideas and products to add to my wish list :)

  3. Your Fun Facts product is so clever! My class and I always enjoy an interesting fact too. Love this idea to get them more interested in non-fiction text!

  4. I immediately went and put your Fun Facts in my cart. I love it, and the kids will too.
    Laughter and Consistency


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