READ, White, and Blue!

The girls of #wecantputbooksdown are back again for our July Edition. This month our theme is READ, white, and blue. We are sharing our favorite summer reads. Also! If you go to my instagram @ramonarecommends you have a chance of winning a $25.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble

 Professional Development Book of Choice This Summer:
I just started it, but so far so great! I have had some great highlighted moments. Sometimes I forget their is no formula. Every student is different and all have different needs. So! Develop lessons to make writers stronger and cut lessons that are just not worth it!
 Please, Mr. Panda is one book I will be reading this first week of school. It is a reminder to all that power of saying Thank You and Please.
Here are my 4th of July Recommendations


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  1. I just added The Unstoppable Writing Teacher to my Amazon wishlist along with the book In Defense of the Read Aloud.... I have two I need to finish up but then I'll probably move them over to my cart :) Let me know how it is -- I'm always looking at ways to help my students with writing.

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